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When clients need corporate restructurings, KPMG in Japan's specialists help clients prioritize issues and focus on the right path.

KPMG in Japan's specialists help clients prioritize issues and focus on the right path

KPMG in Japan provides advisory services for corporate and business revitalization and recovery and has contributed to a large number of corporate restructurings.

KPMG in Japan applies our experience to provide financial and operational restructuring advisory services to guide companies into a business recovery that leads to sustainable growth and to formulate strategic initiatives. We also provide support on strategy implementation to move companies into a new stage of growth. We are at the forefront of strategy creation to meet the expanding needs of corporate real estate, and we were the first to assemble a Japanese advisory team dedicated to assisting hospitality industry companies to form key strategies for establishing the unique company profiles that are essential in that industry. Our advisory services for corporate real estate and hospitality include strategic planning, arrange asset financing, and furnish advice from diverse perspectives. 


  • Financial Restructuring
  • Operational Restructuring
  • Exit Planning & Implementation
  • Corporate Real Estate Advisory Services
  • Hospitality Advisory Services
  • Public Sector Advisory Services
  • Other Restructuring Services



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