Update on FinTech Development in Japan - October 2016

Update on FinTech Development in Japan - October 2016

Private fims and public insitutions in Japan's financial sectors have taken significant steps in responses to recent developmens on FinTech, blockchain and virtual currency.


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On August JPX published a working paper on the results of Proof of Concept (PoC) tests on blockchain/distributed ledger technology.
On August BoJ held a forum on FinTech to exchange insights on  biometrics and blockchain technology in financial markets.
The FSA's working group was held on July to discuss with consistency among financial rules, and payment services providers on customer’s behalf.


  1. JPX sees great potential in distributed ledgers
  2. BoJ pays attention to biometrics and blockchain
  3. FSA established “WG on Financial System”
  4. Recent developments among Japanese authorities
  5. Innovation: Japanese bank commences PoC testing on blockchain technology overseas
  6. Japanese FinTech Startups with series of large funding
  7. FinTech Startups Company Profile
  8. Major Trends for Japanese Financial Institutions

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