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KPMG partners with FinTech accelerators around the world

Around the world: KPMG and FinTech

KPMG member firms partner with FinTech accelerators around the world to help their clients find, evaluate and work with the right startups globally.


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KPMG member firms partner with a number of FinTech accelerator programs around the world, from the UK and Canada to Hong Kong, Belgium and Israel. Our professional practitioners across the global KPMG network work to connect large financial services organizations and smaller startups to help them begin conversations and start innovating.

Listed below are a few of the great programs we have relationships with:

Nest in Hong Kong

Nest is a full service early-stage venture capital firm focused on helping startups and talented founders from around the world build businesses that apply and commercialize innovation.

Recognizing a need to nurture early-stage companies, investment incubator Nest has partnered with leading corporations to provide promising startups with guidance and access to advisors, including an intensive 12-week accelerator program designed to help company founders develop and commercialize disruptive technologies and business models.

KPMG China FinTech and innovation professionals teamed up with Nest and other large organizations to support Nest’s accelerator programs by, for example, collaborating with company founders and leaders from the financial and tech sectors to provide startups with mentorship, program governance and innovation support.

Read more about Nest (PDF 166 KB).

Holland FinTech

Holland FinTech has created a business development network with more than 150 member companies ranging from financial services giants to startups and investors interested in promoting technological and business model innovation in financial services. 

By promoting collaboration among established providers, startups, regulators and other participants, Holland FinTech is working to unify Europe’s financial services ecosystem.

A founding member of Holland FinTech, KPMG in the Netherlands collaborates with member companies in a variety of ways. For example, KPMG professionals work with companies of all sizes to help them streamline the financial services supply chain. KPMG helps leaders at established financial providers and startup founders connect to promote collaboration in financial services innovation and delivery.

Read more about KPMG and Holland FinTech (PDF 104 KB).

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