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Software Testing Events Calendar 2016 -2017

Software Testing Events Calendar

Software Testing events calendar includes dates for software testing events held across various cities in India.

Software Testing Events by KPMG India.

Events Schedule Events Region
October 7th 2016 Internet of Things (IOT) Delhi
October 14th 2016 Performance testing Chennai
October 17th 2016 Effective testing for telecom media Delhi
October 28th 2016 Software test automation  Bangalore
November 14th 2016 BFSI testing Mumbai
November 17th 2016 Software test automation  Hyderabad
November 25th 2016 Automated testing in agile environment  Bangalore
December 6th 2016 Big data analytics testing Delhi
December 12th 2016 Mobility testing in BFSI   Chennai
January 18th 2017 Mobility testing Kolkata
January 20th 2017 Independent verification and validation (IV & V)  Hyderabad
January 23rd 2017 Effective performance testing  Delhi
January 31st 2017 Regulatory compliance testing Bangalore
February 2nd 2017 Mobility testing  Mumbai
February 6th 2017 Effective performance testing  Kolkata
February 20th 2017 Increasing need for test data management Chennai
February 24th 2017 Effective performance testing  Mumbai
March 3rd 2017 Mobile testing Delhi
March 10th 2017 Software testing for IOT Kolkata
March 15th 2017 Effective Performance testing  Hyderabad
March 22nd 2017 Cloud testing Delhi
March 24th 2017 Software test process framework  Chennai


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