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Agile Practitioner Training Course

Agile Practitioner Training Course

Agile practitioner training course from KPMG in India is a two day course on agile software development

he course covers concepts in agile UP (Unified Process).

Agile practitioner training course from KPMG in India is a two day course on agile software development practices which will help participants gain knowledge in most of the agile methodologies, with specific focus on Scrum. The course covers concepts in agile UP (Unified Process), TDD (Test Driven Development), extreme programming and Kanban in addition to Scrum. Training for this agile practitioner course shall be conducted in a workshop mode with several exercises and case studies. The training concludes with an objective type assessment, and certificates shall be awarded to participants who successfully complete the training and score the required percentage of marks in the assessment.

Objectives of Agile practitioner training course

  • To provide an overview of agile history, agile methodologies and advanced agile practices 
  • To gain insights on how agile has to be implemented in software development through exercises 
  • To equip participants with awareness on project management, requirements and engineering practices in agile 
  • To discuss the organisational change management practices that helps in successful adoption of agile 
  • To provide insight into transformation of a traditional project to an agile project.

Duration of course:  Two days

Agile Practitioner Training Course Outline

Session 1:  Introduction to agile and overview of agile methodologies 

  • Kick-off
  • Project challenges in the offshore industry 
  • Risks in conventional model and wastes in software projects 
  • Brief on the evolution of agile 
  • Agile manifesto and principles 
  • Agile organisations 
  • Overview of agile methodologies
    • Overview of XP 
    • Overview of AUP 
    • Overview of Evo 
    • Overview of TDD 
    • Overview of SCRUM
    • Overview and implementation of Kanban
  • Case study exercises

Session 2:  Exercising scrum  

  • Role of the team, product owner and Scrum master 
  • Scrum practices and framework 
  • Release planning 
  • Product backlog 
  • Estimation in scrum
  • Sprint planning 
  • Definition of done (DoD)
  • Technique of Burn down and burn up charts 
  • Sprint demo and retrospective
  • Sprint execution 
  • Case studies

Session 3:  Scrum engineering practices

  • Writing requirements in scrum 
  • Engineering practices 
  • Testing approach 
  • Scrum metrics 
  • Software tools for agile scrum 
  • Advanced agile practices – DevOps, DAD, SAFe 
  • Case studies

Session 4:  Scrum scalability  

  • Scrum for large projects (Scrum of Scrums) 
  • Co-existence of agile and other models – CMMI, Lean, HM 
  • Scrum success factors
  • KPMG agile manifesto 
  • Wrapping up

Session 5:  Exam

  • 40 minutes exam

Who should attend?

Agile practitioner training course is designed for meeting the requirements of the following audience:

  • Software project and programme managers who wish to practice agile in their projects 
  • Software developers and testers who wishes to gain knowledge on agile practice 
  • Process group (e.g. EPG, SEPG, QA) members 
  • Potential sponsors of process improvement activities
  • Students of software engineering and project management. 

Mode of training

  • Classroom training 
  • Training for this agile practitioner course would be conducted in a workshop mode with several exercises and case studies.


‘Participation Certificate’ would be awarded on successful completion of the course by KPMG in India. 


Payment can be made by the way of cheque or demand draft drawn in favour of 'KPMG', payable at Bangalore.

Training Location

  • Bangalore

Date and time

Date: July 24 - 25, 2015 

Time: 9.30 am - 5.30 pm

Note: This training can be customized and delivered in your organization for a minimum number of participants. Please get in touch with us for the details. This training will also be scheduled in other cities such as Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Gurgaon. Please contact us for the scheduled dates for your preferred location.

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