KPMG Tax webinar

KPMG Tax webinar

Recent updates on:

  1. Multilateral Instrument (MLI)
  2. Rupee denominated bonds (Masala Bonds) 
Day and Date : Wednesday, 14 June 2017
Time: 17:00 – 18:15 hrs. (IST)

Part 1: Multilateral Instrument (MLI) 17:00 – 17:40 hrs.

Nearly 68 countries, including India, signed the Multilateral Convention (the Convention/MLI) in Paris to implement tax treaty related measures to prevent Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) on 7 June 2017. More countries are expected to sign the Convention in coming days.

The Convention enables all signatories, inter alia, to meet treaty related minimum standards that were agreed as part of the final BEPS package. The Convention will operate to modify tax treaties between two or more parties to the Convention. While signing the MLI, India provided its provisional list of Covered Tax Agreements (CTAs) with whom it proposes to enter into the MLI and its list of reservations. Similar list has been provided by all the other signatories to the MLI.

In our first in the series of MLI knowledge-sharing webinars on 1 June 2017, we had shared our insights on various aspects such as overall summary of MLI and its Articles, impact on India’s current tax treaty network, etc 

Against the above backdrop, we are pleased to invite you to join our second in the series of MLI knowledge-sharing webinars, where we shall share our insights on:

  • India’s position while signing the MLI and the list of its reservations
  • Impact of MLI on the current tax treaty network of India with various countries
  • Implications of MLI on the recently re-negotiated treaties with Mauritius, Singapore, Cyprus and other popular investment jurisdictions
  • Roadmap ahead. 

Our speakers for this part of the webinar shall be:

  1. Girish Vanvari – Partner and Head, Tax, KPMG in India
  2. Himanshu Parekh – Partner, International Tax, KPMG in India
  3. Sanjay Kapadia - International Tax Specialist


Part 2: Rupee denominated bonds (Masala Bonds) 17:40 – 18:00 hrs.

The Reserve Bank of India has issued a circular tightening the guidelines for issuance of Rupee denominated bonds (popularly known as Masala Bonds).  In the recent past, several Indian companies issued Rupee denominated bonds which were becoming very popular given the favourable regulatory and tax regime.

In our update webinar, we shall take you through the key changes to the Rupee denominated bonds regulatory regime and associated implications.

Our speakers for this part of the webinar shall be:

  1. Girish Vanvari – Partner and Head, Tax, KPMG in India
  2. Kalpesh Desai – Partner, Deal Advisory, M&A Tax and Private Equity Tax, KPMG in India
  3. Harun Rashid Khan – Senior Advisor, KPMG in India (Former Deputy Governor, Reserve Bank of India)

This will be followed by a detailed Q&A session addressing both parts of the webinar from 18:00 hrs. to 18.15 hrs.


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