Oracle Services

Oracle Services

We help customers acquire and move their business ecosystem (resources, materials, employees, customers, supplier, etc.) from the existing current state to an envisaged better state to enable them streamline and standardize global business operational processes and business systems, to improve productivity, to reduce costs and to provide more accurate data for reporting purposes.

Oracle Advisory in KPMG India, a part of the ERP Advisory services, provides advisory services to clients with a focus on Enterprise Integration, Business Intelligence and Governance, Risk and Compliance solutions. We assist clients in the successful deployment of Oracle's full suite of enterprise applications which includes versions of Siebel, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards and Hyperion product ranges. We provide assistance to clients through out the life cycle of an ERP deployment, starting from Package selection, RFP creation, Vendor selection, Program Management and program office setup, ERP implementation, Process mapping,  pre-Implementation review, post implementation review and support. Our solutions and services are aimed to provide solutions in areas of Financial Management, Human Resources Management, Supply Chain Management, Customer Relationship Management and Corporate Performance Management.

We interact with the CXO’s at our clients to help them understand their information needs and deploy a long term vision by drawing upon a combination of packaged software, efficient processes and comprehensive industry knowledge. Our services include assisting clients in assessing the software’s fit to their needs, configuring the application and deploying the software.

We have helped many global companies successfully implement large, complex ERP systems effectively through our end-to-end ERP services portfolio. We deliver business solutions through a professional team comprising more than 150 professionals, most of who are accredited with certifications from Oracle. 

Focus Solution areas

GRCS Solution Framework using Oracle GRC Suite

Oracle provides an enterprise GRC platform that integrates business intelligence, process management, and automated controls enforcement to enable sustainable risk and compliance management. KPMG has a team trained in both the core functional domain and Oracle’s GRC suite. With this service we enable our clients reduce costs by managing multiple regulatory requirements with one enterprise GRC platform, safeguard brand and reputation through information reliability and data protection and transform uncertainty into opportunity with visibility to key risk and performance indicators.

IT Advisory for IFRS conversion on Oracle applications

A cohesive approach is critical to manage the pervasive impact of IFRS on a company’s IT systems. Companies that act today will have a comfortable window of opportunity to analyze and plan in advance of the SEC’s compliance dates. Through our research and client experience we have identified a range of approaches that companies can take—from the practical compliance-oriented adaptation of existing Oracle applications to transformational programs which include IFRS compliance as a requirement.

EPM Solution Framework

Our value proposition for Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) solutions is our understanding of business and technology. With an in-depth experience of financial consolidation, forecasting and management reporting at various companies in different verticals, knowledge of how systems can be designed to extract reports.


The team was awarded “Indian Partner of the Year 2008” for ERP Applications (Oracle eBusiness Suite) from amongst the partner community in India. Our consistent performance across the Oracle ecosystem and our stellar efforts in making significant headway in Release 12 now have brought us not just national but much larger accolades. At the Asia-Pacific Executive Partner Forum that Oracle hosted at Sydney we were awarded as “Asia Pacific Partner of the year 2008” for Oracle eBusiness Suite Applications.

We are a Certified Advantage Partner of Oracle in ERP and BI solutions.

Our consistent performance across the Oracle ecosystem and our stellar efforts in making significant headway on Release 12 implementations have brought us not just national but much larger accolades.

Resource capabilities

KPMG’s Oracle ‘Center of Excellence’ in Bangalore ensures we keep abreast with the latest technical knowledge on Oracle product ranges and our consultants use the best tools and techniques to enhance and improve our delivery capabilities with product enhancements. We also extensively use our CoE to provide demonstrations to our prospective clients that are specific to their industry to ensure they are able to appreciate their future state before making investment on a critical activity like ERP.

As highlighted by the mix of people in the figure above, we differentiate ourselves from technology companies as business advisors and consultants with technology acumen. Our consultants are trained to provide business solutions to our clients and not technology alone.

We ensure that each of our consultants working on a client engagement has successfully completed at least one ERP deployment in the respective area of work on an engagement.


With over 100 client engagements, Oracle Advisory practice has generated 30% of its business as repeat business from clients who have preferred to retain us as their trusted advisors for enhancement, upgrade and long-term support of the systems. We have served clients globally in their endeavor to deploy solutions in various domains and a representative industries and solution areas in which we have deployed solutions is illustrated in the figure below.

Our Services


We assist our clients in planning, organizing, staffing, controlling, and leading the combined efforts of assigned personnel and organizations, for the management of a specific program or programs, throughout an ERP deployment life cycle.


pre-deployment review needs to occur during the system's development to ensure that controls are designed into the system. We assist in the identification and high-level design of key controls that should be built as part of the system deployment. Our team is trained to carry out these reviews aided with KPMG and Oracle methodologies.


We assist in solution deployment for the relevant functionalities of an ERP in order to address the information processing needs of our clients. We specialize in the areas of Banking, IT/ITES services, Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Professional Services and Real Estate. In addition to this, we also provide services for deployment of Peoplesoft based HR solutions and JD Edwards based manufacturing solutions.


We provide training solutions for various Oracle products. KPMG’s training programs are designed to meet the ever-growing Oracle E-business suite training needs for corporate. Demand for Oracle Applications expertise and detailed functional and technical knowledge is increasing quickly with clients realizing the benefits of getting their core teams to be deployed on the implementations trained before they take the big leap.


Even with all best intentions, many large, complex and ambitious attempts to change things in organisations fail to deliver the promised benefits. KPMG advises on some of the most complex transformation programmes; we help turn strategy into operational action; Getting change management right increases value for our clients, manages risk for KPMG, and improves the quality of the consulting experience for our people.


Our value proposition for Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) solutions is our understanding of business and technology. With an in-depth experience of financial consolidation, forecasting and management reporting at various companies in different verticals, knowledge of how systems can be designed to extract reports.

Our EPM solutions span the following areas:

Business Intelligence

We help clients quantify the RoI on their Business Intelligence (BI) initiatives prepare a BI strategy covering roadmap and technology evaluation, outline the client’s BI requirements, assist clients in overall knowledge management and implementation of full-fledged BI solutions.

Planning and Budgeting

To really drive business direction, corporate planners need to collaborate on strategic, high-level plans and targets, but they frequently don’t have easy access to the information required to do the job. Often the information is locked in various spreadsheets and disconnected databases throughout different parts of the company and not quickly available. We assist our clients in optimizing their corporate planning and budgeting processes thus helping them to plan efficiently and interactively across all areas of the company through the implementation of planning solutions that integrate the process thus enabling them to plan, budget and forecast dynamically.

Financial Consolidation and Reporting

Many finance executives face the daunting task of consolidating their company’s financial and operating results using spreadsheets that are difficult to maintain and audit. What is needed is a single version of the truth, one view of financial and operational results integrated from multiple systems, without delays. We assist our clients in improving their closing and reporting processes and reduce internal control risks through the implementation of Consolidation and Reporting solutions which help them deliver financial analysis that supports strategic and operational management decisions; and comply with stringent reporting regulations.

Post implementation review of ERP

We assist clients in assessment and review of a completed working solution. Such reviews help ascertaining the degree of success from the projectexamine the efficacy of all elements of the working business solution or learn lessons from this project to improve future project work and solutions.

Re-IMPLEMENTION of ERP based Business Solutions

We assist clients in reviewing their systems already deployed and re-deployment of a part or the whole solution in order to meet their business requirements of a client. In this areawe help clients undertake a journey from being distressed users of Oracle to realizing the benefits of the ERP and appreciating ERP and its benefits.


We help global organizations in the process of consuming data from different financial systems and combining that information through aggregation and consolidation to create financial analytic views and comprehensive financial statementswhich are compliant with accounting and financial reporting standards.


We help our clients support and enhance the existing deployment of ERP. The support services include assisting the client in day-to-day running and maintenance of the systems as well as enhancing the system functionality to meet the changing business needs of business’s in today’s dynamic environment.

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