Tax Professional Services

Tax Professional Services

The team has specialists with experience in Transfer Pricing, M&A Tax, Valuation, Global Compliance Management Services and Insurance premium tax.

The team has specialists with experience in Tax related services.

Transfer Pricing

As the global economy expands, national fiscal authorities are seeking effective ways to protect their tax bases. This has translated into increased challenges for global companies who are looking for advice in dealing with the increased regulation and associated scrutiny.

The Transfer Pricing practice helps companies develop and implement economically supportable transfer prices, document policies and outcomes, and respond to tax authority challenges.

Our Transfer Pricing professionals provide a wide range of services including benchmarking studies, company overviews, industry analyses and a variety of other services related to transfer pricing.

Benchmarking studies are a necessary element of documentation confirming that the prices established by the taxpayer are in the range of the market prices. Benchmarking helps verify the prices and margins that are applied by related entities. Verification is aimed at checking if the controlled transactions’ conditions conform to the conditions of comparable transactions entered into by non-affiliated entities.

M&A Tax

The global corporate environment is a highly competitive landscape. To help our clients execute M&A deals, we provide Tax Due Diligence (Data Management and Report Writing), E&P studies (Data Collection & Analysis and IRS & Federal Tax management), Stock Basis studies, and Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA).

A Tax Due Diligence report involves financial analysis of a merging company by using advanced analytical tools to dig deep into the client’s financial information like P&L, Balance Sheet, Capital Gain/Loss, and Key Performance Indicators and then using this data to perform historical and current trending.


In an increasingly global-scale business environment, the valuation issues surrounding mergers and acquisitions, financial reporting (i.e.; IFRS and US GAAP), restructuring, and tax planning/disputes have become more complex than ever. KPMG, with a global network of firms and great depth of experience, is well positioned to guide clients through these issues.

Companies seek valuations for corporate governance or regulatory reasons, or because management wants to have a better understanding of a particular asset’s value so they can make optimal decisions. In these instances, a company is often at a critical juncture - it may be planning an acquisition, resolving a shareholder or joint venture dispute, or seeking to reduce the gap between intrinsic and market value.

Our valuation professionals provide a wide range of services including business valuation, intangible asset valuation, employee stock option valuation, tangible asset valuation, report writing and a variety of other services related to valuation.

Global Compliance Management Services (GCMS)

Because of today’s economic challenges, many governments and municipal corporations around the globe are searching for ways to both increase their tax base and revenues through increased scrutiny. The higher regulatory burdens often leave multinational groups struggling to oversee local tax compliance, group tax reporting, and local statutory filings. 

Our GCMS professionals provide clients with consistently high quality service by understanding their business strategy and needs and by providing a broad range of federal, state, local and international tax services to meet those needs. 

The key services include Contracting, Global Tax Management System (GTMS) set-up, ongoing GTMS maintenance, proposals, project management, and fees & billing.

Insurance Premium Tax (IPT)

In addition to the regulatory burden, insurance companies involved in multi-jurisdictional risk coverage face the requirement to register for, collect, and remit tax collected on those international insurance premiums.Our IPT professionals assist clients through transaction services, database management, and business effectiveness.

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