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Capability Hubs

Capability Hubs

Empowering business decisions.

Empowering business decisions.

To help KPMG member firms effectively address their business challenges, KGS has set up specialised capability hubs. These capability hubs render customised and progressive service offerings to member firms across geographies and sectors. We are led by a seasoned leadership team with significant domain expertise.

Our teams and their offerings:


Provides in-depth research solutions across sectors and markets that help win new business and improve client engagement.

Account Management

Enhances efficiency across business operations and offers sales enablement support.

Knowledge Management

Offers simplified content creation, portal management and web analytics.


Provides tailor-made, effective end-to-end design offerings in digital and print, which lead to conversions and increased business growth. This is achieved through our in-house design studio and collaboration with external advertising agencies.


Compares insights that identify performance gaps by measuring them against leading industry practices.

Pursuits Support

Responds expeditiously to RFPs with customisation and proposal structuring.

Data and Analytics

Specialises in-depth services for big data and analytics,including performance and information management.

Business Modelling

A vast suite of offerings for big data and analytics, performance and information management.

Project Management

A global hub for project management knowledge and competence that gives access to support and project management needs

  • PMO Management Consultancy (MC): Cost-competitive project and programme support delivery, consulting and compliance
  • PMO Tax: Project management, including billing, compliance and methodology support
  • PMO Risk Consulting (RC): Solutions that help monitor and perform the administrative tasks of a client engagement.

Countries supported

We support over 50 countries, including the US, the UK, India, Australia, Germany, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, the Nordic countries, Switzerland, Russia, Japan, Italy, Kazakhstan, the Philippines, Oman, Mexico and Malaysia, among others.

About the team

The KGS Capability Hubs employ approximately 1,000 professionals who bring their expertise to the following functions:

  • Tax
  • Advisory
  • Markets


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