Inclusive development

Inclusive development

We develop and strengthen the skills, abilities, processes and resources of NGOs to help empower change in our communities.

We develop and strengthen the skills, abilities, processes and

Children in the ‘Care on Wheels’ bus we have supported at an NGO in Mumbai

Inclusive, sustainable development seeks to ensure that sustainable economic and social development benefits society without exception. This is fundamental to our work and can be seen in our global approach to tackling poverty by supporting education and livelihoods.

KPMG in India works with Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) across the country and our support includes:

  • Providing infrastructure such as vehicles and furniture
  • Sponsoring operational costs
  • Facilitating environment projects 
  • Providing disaster relief.

Mumbai Mobile Creches: A case study

Mumbai Mobile Creches is an NGO, which runs day-care centres at construction sites in Mumbai to create an environment where children of construction workers are provided food, shelter, healthcare and informal education.

Since 2011, we have worked with them to build a strong foundation through a number of projects which include:

  • Providing educational material for 28 centres
  • Volunteering activities, including educational trips, art and craft, painting their centres and raising funds through marathons
  • A teacher training programme, supporting operational expenses of a centre and supporting IT equipment, where required
  • A supplementary nutrition programme at 28 centres
  • Pro bono projects, which have included a HR diagnostic review and organisation design
  • The Care on Wheels project: We have sponsored a bus that serves as a day care centre for children from small construction sites.

Responding to disasters

Devastating natural disasters are occurring all around the globe with increasing frequency, exacerbated by climate change. As a global network of member firms, natural disasters could affect anyone – including our people, our communities and our business. We work closely with NGOs to provide both immediate relief as well as undertake long term rehabilitation projects.

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