Lifelong learning

Lifelong learning

We understand and value the benefits of a foundation of education and lifelong learning.

We understand and value the benefits of a foundation of education and lifelong learning.

We understand and value the benefits of a foundation of education and lifelong learning. Learning is key to unlocking potential and helping people move out of a life in poverty. That is why lifelong learning and opportunity is a central tenet of our Citizenship strategy.

At KPMG in India, we believe that by providing children with key inputs and facilities during their school and college years, we are helping develop leaders who will be equipped to contribute to the advancement of our communities.

The education initiatives we support are:

  • Building capacity at schools through teachers salaries, nutrition programmes and infrastructure support   
  • Aspire programme      
  • KPMG's family for Literacy programme   
  • Libraries and English language centres 
  • A resource centre for visually-impaired students
  • Enactus
  • Scholarships to college students.

Through KPMG’s Family for Literacy Programme (KFFL), we help build confidence in students at schools. Started by KPMG in the U.S., this programme was adopted in India in 2011. Adapting KFFL to the needs of our students, KPMG in India’s staff and their families read to students on a regular basis to help them develop their spoken English and life skills. Proficiency in reading is a crucial part of the KFFL programme.

We supplemented our programme by helping set up well-stocked libraries in schools. Through collaborations with organisations that focus on promoting the joy of reading, we put together lesson plans, which help in making storytelling sessions more impactful.

Aspire programme: Highlights

Our Aspire programme helps build the skills and abilities of disadvantaged girl students through quality education and other pertinent inputs with the main objective of enhancing their employability. Currently initiated in three schools, key highlights include:

  • Over 7,400 hours have been invested by students in 2015 in training programmes, including spoken English, IT skills, sports, self-defence, theatre and art.
  • KPMG in India’s staff act as mentors and work closely with these students to instil values and provide a strategic direction.
  • Our Learning and Development team conducts training sessions on a variety of topics throughout the year, including career counselling, grooming, time management and etiquette.
  • Organising excursions such as visits to heritage sites and extra-curricular activities to facilitate the all-round development of students.

Lifelong learning at colleges

Across the country, we are associated with different colleges to continue building the foundation for lifelong learning amongst students. Our programmes at colleges include:


We provide economic assistance for disadvantaged students towards their tuition fees and living costs. These students also receive training to help in personality development and build skill sets, which help in laying the foundation for their careers.

Resource centre for visually-challenged students

We support a resource centre for visually impaired students at a leading liberal arts college in Delhi. Our support includes covering the cost of operational expenses, assistive technology, as well as medical check-ups and treatment for students, where possible. 


We have been supporting Enactus India since 2007. Enactus is a community of students, academics and business leaders that uses the power of entrepreneurial action to make a sustainable difference in communities. We support them financially as a platinum sponsor and through the KPMG Business Ethics Grant. Partners and senior staff of KPMG in India act as mentors for Enactus teams.

We help nurture and inculcate a feeling of responsible business amongst the leaders of tomorrow. In India, Richard Rekhy, Chief Executive Officer, KPMG in India is the Chairman of the Enactus India National Advisory Board, and Shalini Pillay, Head - People, Performance and Culture, KPMG in India is part of the Programme Committee. We currently have 25 partners and directors who serve as mentors for Enactus colleges primarily in Bengaluru and Delhi.

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