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Isle of Man General Election 2016

Isle of Man General Election 2016

Managing Director, Mike Fayle talks about challenges facing new MHKs being sworn in this week.



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OK ……… enough!  Who would want to walk into work in a new job and have that little to do list?  Apparently twelve first-time MHKs do.   Much has been made of the century of lost experience from the old House of Keys.   It is undoubtedly accurate and not without merit, but as phrase goes “the people have spoken”.

This does not mean that everything done by the last House was bad – nor does it mean that the new House will be any better placed to wave a magic wand.

The fundamentals haven't changed.  In a fast changing world the Isle of Man has diversified, grown strongly in some areas and contracting in others.  We (ie Government and private sector) must resolutely follow the path of excellence, innovation and top quality service.

To focus maximum resources on all front line services Government must be as innovative as the private sector and however you dress it up it must be smaller and more effective.  Yes, we have attributes of the nation state and must fulfill our obligations in all relevant aspects of nationhood, but we are only 85,000 souls – we must scale our government structures accordingly.

The members of the new House will soon choose the new Chief Minister and above all, must agree on a programme for Government that will be the prism through which all Departments must be judged.

Some of the solutions will have to be radical.  Doing more of the same is not going to result in the outcomes that we all wish for – excellence in services at a cost that the Island can support.

Nothing in Government is easy – this term may be the most challenging yet, but there won’t be a sector, industry or profession that will not be there to support the new administration as it finds its feet.

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