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Tax Newsletter 37 - January 2015

Tax Newsletter 37 - January 2015

We hope you will enjoy this issue of our Tax Newsletter. Our purpose is to try and keep you abreast of topical UK tax issues which may affect you, your business and/or your clients.


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  • CGT for non-UK residents
  • Application of transfer of assets abroad legislation: Fisher & Orsv Revenue & Customs [2014]
  • Taxman steps up the pressure on offshore evaders
  • Liechtenstein Disclosure Facility –access to favourable terms narrows
  • Employee Benefit Trust opportunity
  • New guidance on employment intermediaries reporting published
  • HMRC DOTAS consultation – summary of responses
  • HMRC approach to combat tax avoidance by multinationals
  • HMRC issue Statutory Residence Test letters
  • EU Agrees laws to automatically exchange bankaccount information
  • HMRC FATCA on-line service launched
  • Government commit to automatic exchange of taxi nformation
  • S13 TCGA 1992 declared contrary to EU treaty

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