Global Mobility Services

Global Mobility Services

Sending key employees to overseas markets has many advantages but how do you manage all the tax, social security, and immigration issues that arise?

Sending employees overseas has advantages but how do you manage the issues that arise?

KPMG Global Mobility Services (GMS) practice assists clients with workforce planning and employee mobility solutions dealing with the multiple tax, social security, HR and immigration issues that arise from sending employees overseas. Our GMS team assist companies with mobile workforce management providing global mobility solutions, domestic and international human resource services and support through KPMG’s worldwide network of global mobility specialists.

KPMG Global Mobility Services

Our global mobility team can provide you with a network of consulting services, tax and advisory services, assisting you with:

  • Managing tax issues including home and host country tax filing requirements, permanent establishment (PE) risks, non-resident tax filing requirements and withholding tax issues 
  • Immigration and work permit applications 
  • Global Payroll Operation and Reporting Services 
  • Drafting and implementing workforce mobility policies and processes 
  • Global Social Security Advisory Services 
  • Managing risks and costs associated with global mobility management 

For more information on KPMG Ireland’s Global Mobility Services, please see the publications below.

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