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Intellectual Property Tax

Intellectual Property Tax

Our IP specialists advise on the incentives and tax reliefs available for Irish business investing in intellectual property and intangible assets.

Our IP specialists advise on the incentives and tax reliefs available for Irish business.

Whether your business is in pharmaceuticals, biotech, medical devices, software, electronics, food and drink or renewable energy, intellectual property and intangible assets are likely to be core parts of what makes your business different and successful. Our IP specialists have the technical knowledge and practical experience to help you maximise your IP opportunities.

Tax relief is available for capital expenditure on a broad range of intangible assets. The range of assets qualifying for relief is extensive and includes patents, brands, trademarks, copyrights related to these assets and customer lists in certain instances. Companies carrying on a trade are entitled to claim a tax write-off over the accounting life of the asset, or over 15 years.

The proposed introduction of a "Knowledge Development Box" will also enhance Irelands IP regime. This will be an income based regime and will be designed to deliver an ongoing effective rate of tax on intangible assets lower than 12.5%. Public consultation on the development of the regime has commenced with legislation expected later in 2015 with the view that the regime would be effective in 2016.

How KPMG can help

  • Valuation of IP 
  • Identifying qualifying intangible assets 
  • Advising on transfer pricing aspects of the supply chain and licencing arrangements 
  • Effective tax rate modelling 
  • Maximising deductions for IP purchased 
  • Advising on licensing arrangements 
  • Advising on accounting implications 
  • Preparation of or advising on legal documentation 
  • Ensuring your Irish IP strategy works with your home country tax and legal system

Further information

If you require further information on intellectual property issues, please contact Conor O'Sullivan or any member of our tax team.

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