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Personal Restructuring Mechanisms

Personal Restructuring Mechanisms

The Act has introduced a number of procedures that are intended to help individuals to reach agreements with creditors.

The Act has introduced procedures that help individuals to reach creditor agreements.

The Act has introduced a number of procedures that are intended to help individuals to reach agreements with the creditors that will last for a number of years with the intention of restoring an individual to solvency over a period of time.

Set out below is an overview of the procedures and some of the key features:

Procedure Debt Relief Notice Debt Settlement Arrangement (“DSA”) Personal Insolvency Arrangement (“PIA”) Bankruptcy
Potential Duration 3 Years 5 years (max. 6 years) 6 years (max 7 years) 3 Years

Debt Levels
Up to €20,000 No limit to unsecured debt levels. Secured creditors may not be included Unlimited unsecured debt but a cap of €3 million unless all secured creditors waive the cap
Who the Debtor Engages
Authorised Intermediary
Personal Insolvency Practioner ("PIP")
PIP Official Assignee, or Trustee in Bankruptcy
Outcome Relieved from debt after 3 years. If there is a change in financial circumstances during the 3 year period, this relief may be reduced to no less than €10,000
Relieved from all unsecured debts
Relieved from all unsecured claims and also secured claims as agreed within the arrangement

All debts eliminated


Note: There are excluded and excludable creditors that may not be eliminated such as family claims, rates and LPT liabilities.


These procedures give a person an opportunity to resolve their current financial situation and move forward in a positive way. The DSA and PIA procedures require that anyone thinking about these routes to solvency to work with a Personal Insolvency Practitioner or “PIP”.

The PRS Group will provide solutions to both Debtors, via its Debtor Advisory Solutions process, & Creditors as both stand to benefit from our knowledge and we believe significant advantages can be realised as the PRS group will understand the needs and requirements of all parties.

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