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M&A Outlook

Deal insights for Ireland

M&A - More transactions
expected in 2018

Our 2018 M&A outlook generated a strong response from many of Ireland’s leading M&A executives and advisers. An increase in deal volumes reflects current relatively positive sentiment about the Irish economy, however Brexit related risks remain on the agenda. Meanwhile 55% of respondents cite avoidable reasons for deal failure.

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The three most important factors enabling greater deal making in 2018

An awareness of targets, more sophisticated sell-side preparation and speedy access to financing were called out as enabling greater levels of deal making.

Factors in increased deal making

2018 – Renewed sense of optimism

M&A executives are looking forward to another active year in 2018. This is underpinned by sound macro economic fundamentals, more developed M&A strategies on the part of Irish corporates, availability of funding and a pipeline of attractive target assets coming to the market.

Mark Collins

The current environment continues to be favourable for deal making. This is underpinned by more robust corporate profits, access to capital and lower stock market volatility, all of which contribute to enhanced confidence levels.

Mark Collins

Partner and Head of Transaction Services

What about Brexit?

There remains a high level of uncertainty surrounding Brexit and the ongoing negotiations, with a wide range of factors which respondents feel will impact trade. These include UK tax policy, potential border controls, cross border tariffs and the UK regulatory environment.

However, there now appears to be an acceptance that business cannot stand still with a number of respondents noting that while Brexit does carry risks it also presents significant strategic opportunities.

David O'Kelly

There is a discernible increase in M&A activity forecast for 2018 reflecting the strong performance of Irish companies in a growing economy. A high degree of uncertainty remains around Brexit, however concerns amongst executives have lessened somewhat.

David O'Kelly

Partner, Corporate Finance

Where in the world?

In the year ahead it is anticipated that dealmakers will primarily seek targets in Ireland, closely followed by targets in mainland Europe and the UK. A number of contributors noted some migration of capital out of the UK towards Ireland.

Worldwide targets for M&A

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An increase in deal volumes reflects current relatively positive sentiment about the Irish economy, however Brexit related risks remain on the agenda.

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