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Female Leaders meet in KPMG’s Munich Office

Female Leaders meet in KPMG’s Munich Office

In the lead up to last month’s G20 summit, young women from around the world met at KPMG’s office in Munich for the G(irls)20 summit. The purpose of the annual meeting is to discuss the participation of women in business globally and lobby the G20 countries to hold them to their goals.


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G(irls)20 is an independent non-profit organisation from Canada, which campaigns to reduce the barrier to professional careers for women and girls around the world – an aim that KPMG shares. Every year, it brings together 20 young women from around the world, aged between 18-23, to hear from high-profile speakers and discuss the role of the G20 countries to empower women in the labour force. It then drafts demands of the G20 countries, which it presents ahead of the G20 summit. The summit focused on three topics: The digital economy; energy and climate change; and migration. Delegates and speakers debated how these megatrends affect women and the role they can play.

This year, the G(irls)20 summit heard from speakers including Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, senior executives from Volkswagen, Edelman, Silvana Koch-Mehrin, Founder of the Women in Parliaments Global Forum (WIP) and former Vice-President of the European Parliament and Suzanne de Lint, Partner, Head of KPMG’s Global Immigration Network.

It is the first year KPMG has been an official partner of the event, which aligns with KPMG’s Global focus on Inclusion & Diversity. We recognized that there was an opportunity under our strategic framework principles to empower dynamic networks, bringing together the G(irls)20 community with the KPMG network, and inspire bold inclusion by empowering the next generation of female leaders.

Angelika Huber-Straßer, Head of Corporates, KPMG in Germany, explains, "KPMG promotes diversity in business, which includes gender diversity. Therefore, it is a particular concern of ours to support initiatives like the G(irls)20 summit and to give young women opportunities for personal growth".

To close the summit, the delegates drew up their demands of the G20 countries. Their primary goal: 100 million jobs for women by 2025 — in line with the G20 promise.

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