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Northern Ireland CEO Outlook 2017

Northern Ireland CEO Outlook 2017

The first annual KPMG Northern Ireland CEO Outlook offers insight into the challenges and opportunities faced by Northern Ireland CEOs and their global peers.


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Welcome to the first annual KPMG Northern Ireland CEO Outlook, offering deep insight into the challenges and opportunities faced by Northern Ireland CEOs and more than 1,200 of their global CEO peers. The study offers a unique lens into the strategic issues that these CEOs are focussed on as they lead their businesses through a period of profound change and opportunity.

Our report offers both local and global perspectives about the wave of uncertainty that is compelling CEOs to think in fresh ways about the disruptive forces impacting their businesses. From the difficulties caused by Brexit and the risk of protectionism to increasing risks and opportunities presented by technology, the CEOs we have interviewed speak of new challenges and uncertainties and in particular the twin challenges of “disrupt and grow.”

Such disruption has become a fact of life for CEOs but importantly most see disruption as an opportunity to transform their business model, develop new products and services, and re-shape their businesses. We conducted parallel research in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland to help inform our understanding of the areas of shared concern amongst business leaders across the island.

The majority of Northern Ireland CEOs we spoke with are more optimistic about their company and its prospects, than they are about the wider economy. They say they are taking the necessary steps for their business to be a disruptor, rather than be the disrupted. They recognise the impact of increased geopolitical and economic uncertainty and are working hard to be prepared. Moreover, they understand that speed to market and innovation are essential.

A significant number of the CEOs we spoke with say they are developing new skills and exploring new ideas and influences to help drive essential change across their business.

Our report offers insights into the major forces disrupting business and how CEOs are gearing up to manage the challenges of the future. On behalf of KPMG we would like to thank all of those CEOs we spoke with for their insights.

We hope you find our 2017 Northern Ireland CEO Outlook valuable in assessing your business priorities and we invite you to discuss your business challenges and opportunities with us.

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