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Basel Committee work programme for 2017-2018

Basel Committee work programme for 2017-2018

The Basel Committee has published its two-year work programme for 2017-2018.


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On policy development the programme is very short and does not contain any specific new policy initiatives. No timetable is offered for any of these subjects.

The programme includes;

1. The finalisation of existing policy initiatives, including:

  • The Basel III reforms (the elements that we have included within “Basel 4”, namely credit risk, operational risk and the capital floor)
  • The review of the regulatory treatment of sovereign exposures
  • The regulatory treatment of expected loss provisioning
  • The identification and measurement of "step-in" risk provided by banks to non-bank entities (a second consultation document on this was published in March 2017)
  • Adjustments and simplifications to the revised market risk and securitisation frameworks.

2. Assessment of whether additional policy initiatives are warranted, in the light of emerging risks and the Committee's assessment of the impact of its post-crisis reforms.

Elsewhere, the work programme refers to the continuing monitoring of risks; the assessment of post-crisis regulatory reforms; improving supervisory practices (in particular on Pillar 2, stress testing, financial technology and credit loss provisioning); and monitoring the implementation of Basel.

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