R&D Tax Relief for Northern Ireland Businesses

R&D Tax Relief for Northern Ireland Businesses

R&D doesn’t just happen in the laboratory.


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Whether you’re a Northern Ireland business already claiming R&D tax relief or considering your eligibility, it’s essential to remember that R&D doesn’t just happen in the laboratory – quite often it’s the work a company would consider to be a day-to-day activity: developing a new product; devising or making improvements to a production process; trying out a new material to reduce costs. The list is extensive, and with potential savings available, it’s worth checking if your activities meet the criteria.

KPMG’s R&D practice is a multidisciplinary practice comprising highly trained tax and finance professionals, chartered engineers and PhD scientists working solely on R&D tax credit claims. We have dedicated SME and large company teams within the practice to help ensure our service is tailored to our clients’ needs.

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