Global meeting points

Global meeting points

Meet us in September at the ISTAT EMEA in Edinburgh.


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We are proud to sponsor a number of global aviation conferences throughout the year. So wherever you are, we are too.

Meet us at: 

  • ISTAT EMEA, Edinburgh, 24 - 26 September
  • Growth Frontiers, Dubai, 2 - 4 October
  • Airfinance, Dubai, October
  • Growth Frontiers, Hong Kong, 30 October - 1 November
  • Airfinance, Hong Kong, November
  • Growth Frontiers, Dublin, January 2018
  • Airfinance, Dublin, January 2018

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Aviation Finance & Leasing

Aviation Finance & Leasing

KPMG is recognised as the Aviation Finance & Leasing Centre of Excellence, advising the international leasing industry for over 30 years.

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