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Electronic Filing Agent

Electronic Filing Agent

KPMG Company Secretarial can be appointed as the Electronic Filing Agent (‘EFA’) for each of your companies. As EFA, we can electronically deliver an annual return and a number of other statutory forms on your behalf to the Companies Registration Office.


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Salvador Nash

Director Legal Services and Head of Company Secretarial Services

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Electronic Filing Agent


Companies Registration Office filing fees are reduced or eliminated in their entirety.

Electronically filed forms are generally processed and registered faster by the Companies Registration Office.

You will have piece of mind, with KPMG Company Secretarial as your appointed EFA, that no filing deadlines will be missed and you will be kept informed of all filing dates and requirements.

With KPMG Company Secretarial as your company’s appointed EFA, it will not be possible for others to electronically file on your behalf, thus reducing the possibility of corporate identity fraud.

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