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The continuing global political uncertainty will affect the course of future regulatory developments, as is already evident from the continuing delay in finalising the Basel IV reforms where both the January and March deadlines have passed without the Basel Committee reaching agreement. But on a ‘business as usual’ level, we keep this month’s focus on evolving regulatory matters, where nearer term milestones need to be met.

In insurance, in spite of a recognition of market stability with the release of its risk dashboard, the annual report of EIOPA to the European Parliament on the functioning of supervisory colleges in 2016 identified a surprising finding that there are a number of non-EEA parented groups for whom there is no group supervision undertaken – neither at worldwide nor EEA level. We take a look at the implications of this. We also look at a major consultation paper released by the International Association of Insurance Supervisors (IAIS) covering proposed revisions to a number of IAIS Insurance Core Principles (ICPs).

We also look at the European Banking Authority’s (EBA) review of the recovery plans of 23 European banking groups (PDF, 684KB), with the parent banks located in 12 EU countries, which has identified some areas of concern. The Basel Committee has released a monitoring report (PDF, 1.6MB) on meeting Basel III requirements which includes an analysis of the potential impact on global systematically important banks of the requirement to hold a minimum of total loss absorbing capacity (from 2019).

The Capital Markets Union agenda continues to progress and we look at the latest developments in that regard. ESMA’s convergence work programme will have an impact on the investment management sector and we look at the impact of this work on UCITS share classes.

As we enter spring we will watch with interest as the shifting political scene is revealed, and in the meantime, continue to ‘get on with the day job’.  

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