Tax benefits in the healthcare sector

Tax benefits in the healthcare sector

Tax Depreciation & Capital Allowances

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Tax benefits in the healthcare sector

Did you know? If you bought, built, extended, fit-out or refurbished a property in the healthcare sector, you will likely be entitled to claim wear and tear allowances.

This includes expenditure in any of the following:

  • Nursing home 
  • Primary care centre
  • Hospital
  • Healthcare centre 
  • Medical centre
  • Residential care centre

You may be entitled to a tax / cash benefit of 12.5%, 25% or 55% of the total qualifying expenditure.

Wear and tear allowances are akin to a tax deductible expense and are available in respect of qualifying capital expenditure incurred on the provision of plant and machinery.


Benefits of claiming

  • Claim an immediate tax / cash benefit 
  • Reduce or completely shelter a tax liability 
  • Improve cash flow / keep cash in your business 
  • Possible cash refund / repayment of taxes

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