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Tax & Company Law Compliance Services

Tax & Company Law

One contact for all your taxation, company law and payroll compliance.


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Tax & Company Law Compliance Services

KPMG can assist with:

  • Company Law obligations – incorporation, statutory compliance, dissolution, advice and assistance on a range of day to day company law issues.
  • Corporate Tax – standard approach to corporate tax compliance services.
  • Value Added Tax – VAT compliance, advisory and strategies to reduce VAT liabilities.
  • Payroll Compliance Services – delivers cost savings and process efficiencies in a confidential manner.

You save time

Clients that have transferred to KPMG tell us we have a significant competitive advantage in the quality of our end product, client service levels and process management skills.

Competitive Fee Arrangement

Our efficiencies mean we can provide a competitive fee quote, while optimising the quality of service. Our reputation for professionalism and integrity underpins everything we do.

Make the move to KPMG

The reputation of our practice is built upon the quality of our work, the expertise of our people and the efficiency of our processes.

Peace of mind:

  1. Maintenance of Statutory Registers
  2. Employment Tax Issues
  3. Annual Company Law Compliance
  4. Payroll Function
  5. Payroll Advice
  6. Annual Compliance Review
  7. File Returns
  8. Cross Border Payroll Services
  9. Single KPMG Contact
  10. VAT Advice
  11. Intrastat Compliance
  12. Corporation Tax
  13. Annual VAT Recovery Rate Review
  14. Annual General Meeting

Benefits of KPMG

  • ƒƒSingle KPMG contact
  • A clear chain of command for effective issue resolution
  • Close supervision of compliance and administrative tasks
  • KPMG service goals and performance standards
  • Compliance peace of mind.

Make the move to KPMG

We understand the need for quality and efficiency to help meet your compliance obligations. We have a dedicated team of compliance specialists and streamlined compliance processes. Our specialists and processes will deliver:

  • Time and costs savings for your finance team, directors and company secretary
  • Access to top quality expertise
  • Access to a tailored efficient, user-friendly process
  • Valuable deliverables.

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