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Overseas opportunities in food & agri

Overseas opportunities in food & agri

Irish businesses and brands are prominent across the UK, Europe and North America and exporting to these markets will continue to remain important.


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Overseas opportunities in food & agri

Supporting Irish Food & Agribusiness in New Markets

However, KPMG believes that expansion into new markets, from Africa to Asia, presents huge opportunities. For Ireland as a food island with the capacity to feed ourselves 10 times over, these new markets remain, to date, largely untapped.

Is China’s growing middle class an obvious example for your premium exports? Does South Korea and its Free-Trade Agreement present another opportunity? Or perhaps your company is thinking of the rising consumer demand across Sub-Saharan Africa?

Wherever your focus, actions in the new markets of today will have a lasting impact on your international success for decades to come.

But where to start?

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