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The American Chamber of Commerce US/Ireland Research Innovation Awards

The Awards recognise excellence in research innovation and invention that has occurred in Ireland as a result of US foreign direct investment.

18 May 2018, 7:00PM - 11:45PM, GMT

7.00pm Friday, 18th May, The Clayton Hotel, Burlington Road, Dublin

We're proud to support the US/Ireland Research Innovation Awards which recognise world class research innovation projects. The awards acknowledge exemplary ideas, originating in Irish organisations, and underpinned by innovative research, that have a strong social and/or economic impact.

The awards are presented on an all-island basis in three categories:

  • MNC Award
  • HEI Award
  • SME Award

The shortlisted candidates are as follows:

Science Foundation Ireland CONNECT and Google for ViSQOL, a software platform for evaluating audio quality on the web by "looking" at sounds. It can predict sound quality in a wide range of internet scenarios from streaming music and video conferencing to virtual reality 3D spatial audio.

DCU Insight, Intel and Microsoft for artificial intelligence research, concentrating on computer vision methods to ensure crowd safety as demonstrated in the “Smart Croke Park” test-bed.

Xilinx Ireland for a successfully designed software defined radio microchip (RFSOC) in 16nm FinFET technology, an industry first to address the emerging cost, power, size and flexibility requirements in emerging 5G cellular networks.

DePuy Synthes Innovation Centre in Cork Ireland working with US colleagues & AMBER created a step change improvement in process technologies for manufacturing orthopaedic implants with osteointegration coatings to better serve patients receiving their products.

Abbott Vascular Clonmel for XIENCE Sierra, a drug eluting stent, now CE Marked, researched and developed collaboratively between colleagues in Clonmel and California

Alltech European Bioscience Centre for research on how reduced diversity among intestinal gut microbes can affect health, lead to overgrowth of pathogens and development of resistance. By increasing gut microbial diversity through nutrition and diet, control of these issues can be increased with the aim of reducing reliance on antibiotics

Oxymem Ltd for collaboration with Dow Water and Process solutions.

Orreco for building the world’s first AI coach for elite athletes and health-conscious consumers. Blending novel sports and data science with IBM Watson, Orreco analyses blood biomarkers, training and wellness data to reduce injury and illness and to optimise performance.

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