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Commercial Real Estate Summit 2016

KPMG is delighted to support the Commercial Real Estate Summit 2016

6 October 2016, 9:00AM - 8:00PM, GMT Dublin 2, Ireland

Post Brexit, the Irish Commercial Real estate sector is presented with significant opportunities and challenges to strengthen its position as the destination for continued foreign inward investment in its real estate sector. The 2016 conference will once again bring together the key stakeholders in the Irish commercial real estate sector including the property agents, the banks, asset managers, private wealth managers, the professional advisory firms, representative bodies and government.

Taking advantage of the changing dynamic within the market post Brexit will be pivital to maintaining the growth we have experienced within the sector in recent years and contributing to the ongoing sustainability of the eceonomic recovery. The conference will be an opportunity to gain insight into the experts view and the likely impact on the Irish Commercial Real Estate Sector and the overall economy post Brexit.

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