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Now or Never | Irish CEO Outlook 2016

The pace of change faced by CEOs in Ireland and worldwide is increasing. Technology, and its role in disrupting business and providing opportunity, is a significant factor. In addition to leadership and strategic skills, there is a growing requirement for CEOs to lead on mission-critical issues that they have not previously experienced in their careers. Understanding these forces and how they are shaping business lies behind 'Now or Never' - the title of KPMG's CEO Outlook 2016 - our new research into the attitudes of both Irish and global business leaders to a range of business issues.

This report comprises CEO perspectives from Ireland and around the world based on interviews of over 1800 leaders from 28 countries. It shows that many Irish CEOs, in keeping with their global peers, believe the companies they lead are likely to be significantly transformed in the medium term. This shouldn't be a surprise given the highly globalised nature of our economy.

We're delighted to share insights from a range of Irish CEOs about the key strategic choices facing them and where they intend to focus their efforts.

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The next three years

It’s “now or never” for Irish CEOs

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Innovation & collaboration

Ireland is uniquely placed to benefit from domestic and multinational collaboration.

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Transforming for the future

CEOs worldwide and in Ireland believe that the time for change is now or never.

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Driving growth

The medium to longer term outlook for M&A remains positive.

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Risk & cyber security

Regulations in every sector continue to increase and are becoming ever more complex.

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People & talent

Hiring & retaining the right talent.

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