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KPMG Global Energy Institute Business Club

A platform for senior executives to share perspectives with their industry peers on the hot topic of Joint Ventures.

15 June 2015, 5:00PM - 8:00PM, WIB , Indonesia

KPMG’s Energy & Natural Resources team in Indonesia conducted a workshop and networking event to provide a platform for senior executives to share perspectives with their industry peers on the hot topic of Joint Ventures.

Joint venture (JV) success continues to be a critical part of business strategy for national and international companies in the Energy & Natural Resources sector. However JVs do not always deliver the value for which they are created.

Issues can be caused by unrealistic JV agreements, harder than expected switch to operation and insufficient allowances for early intervention. JVs have become more complex, yet the governance models of the parents have not changed with them. 

Increasingly we are seeing JV partners looking to exercise their rights under the JVA, causing friction and frustration for all, and damaging what fundamentally are sound businesses simply in need of a new agreement.


About KPMG Global Energy Institute

First launched in 2007 in the United States, the institute is a worldwide
knowledge-sharing platform detailing insights into current issues and
emerging trends within the energy sector. Members have access to valuable and timely thought leadership, studies, events and webcasts about key industry topics.

KPMG Global Energy Institute - Asia Pacific was launched in April 2013.
Based in Singapore, focuses on the Asia-Pacific landscape and provides
decision-makers with tailored insights about the region.

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