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Transfer Pricing Services

Transfer Pricing Services

We provide assistance in the identifying, prioritizing and managing of transfer pricing risks.

We assist in the identifying, prioritizing and managing of transfer pricing risks.

Transfer pricing is probably the less exact area of taxation, the underlying legislation is composed in such an extremely general way that it enables a quite subjective judgement of the Tax Authority. Accordingly – due to lack of detailed regulation –tax audit and practical experience become more valuable. The high degree of subjectivity may trigger significant risks if the intercompany prices are not substantiated sufficiently. Consequently, the tax liability might significantly change, the handling of what requires a lot of time and effort, moreover, in worst case it might entail a significant penalty and an increased level of tax liability.

The Transfer Pricing Services Group of KPMG in Hungary primarily provides assistance in the identifying, prioritising and managing of transfer pricing risks. Our group of 20 stuff provides broad range of services to its customers covering numerous industries.

The transfer pricing group’s main activities are as follows:

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Participation in Tax Authority and court litigation

KPMG is able to support the entire regulatory process.

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Preparation of benchmarking analysis

Vállaljuk a piaci ártartomány meghatározását egy adott országra, régióra vonatkozóan

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Preparation and review of Master Files

We undertake the preparation of the company’s transfer pricing documentation.

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Revision and setting up new transfer pricing structures

Identifying areas which may render tax risks.

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