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Digital Audit Center

Digital Audit Center

The groundbreaking KPMG Digital Audit Center (DAC) in Budapest revolutionizes the audit process with big data-based Data and Analytics.

KPMG Digital Audit Center (DAC) revolutionizes the audit process.

KPMG has been pioneering the development and application of Big Data analysis tools in the financial audit. In Hungary, we have established, and continue to expand, our Digital Audit Center (DAC), currently with 40 staff, who perform an extensive set of automated audit tests and analysis, as an integral part of our Audit service. We have successfully implemented DAC-driven audit on around 700 clients, annually performing around 40,000 digital audit procedures and processing over 203,000,000 individual items on an annual basis. We believe this approach enables us to deliver superior service.

Our proprietary automated digital audit tools enable testing of large volumes of data in a short period of time, obtaining results unavailable with traditional methods. The advantage to our clients is that we work from raw electronic data. Hence, less preparation and processing is required on our clients’ side.

The DAC-driven audit does not only change the way audit procedures are performed, it also improves the logistics of the audit, because we can usually perform a significant part of the audit before the year-end, meaning our clients experience less workload during the post-year end financial closing.
We deliver a smooth audit with enhanced quality, deeper insight into our clients’ business processes and earlier indication of potential issues. 

In addition to audit services DAC also provides internal audit, controlling and special agreed upon porcedures with reporting at any desired intervals, with the remote processing of client’s digital data.  The required checks and filtering of data  can be parametered according to client’s needs.

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