Question Marks

Question Marks

Our publication, titled Question Marks discusses Hungarian accounting issues that are not easy to interpret.

Our publication, titled Question Marks discusses Hungarian accounting issues.


Current issues in the spring
2016-05-04 – In the current issue of our newsletter dealing with Hungarian accounting practices we take a look at various current issues in the spring.


Revision of amendments to the Act on Accounting effective from 2016 – autumn delicacies
2015-12-03 – In our previous newsletter we reviewed the major amendments to Act on Accounting, designed to harmonise the Hungarian law with Directive 2013/34/EU (“EU Directive”). This newsletter summarises the main points of the legislation clarifying these provisions.

2015 changes to the Act on Accounting related to the EU Directive – a summer cocktail
2015-10-09 – In this issue of our newsletter we take a look at the main amendments to the Accounting Act, promulgated on 3 July 2015.

Question marks on capital – Is nothing what it seems?
2015-10-07 – This issue of our newsletter draws attention primarily to practical issues relating to capital requirements as well as to relevant legislative changes.

Provisions, or the principle of prudence
2015-04-07 – This newsletter dealing with the provisions of the Act on Accounting highlights issues that may arise with respect to provisions.

Aktuális kérdések – Tavaszi csokor

Aktuális kérdések – Tavaszi csokor

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