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Consumer & Retail

Consumer & Retail

KPMG Consumer & Retail practice helps navigate business challenges in a disrupted market with dynamically changing consumer preferences.

The connected consumer is “on” 24/7 via mobile devices.

Consumer & Retail focuses on assisting businesses answer the challenges of a new market reality. Gone are the days of local, offline retail as the emergence of technology has disrupted the industry to its core. The new reality is formed by consumers who are always online, available and expect the same from businesses. Furthermore, the internet enabled consumers to have global access to retailers and services that means exponentially heightened competition.

KPMG Consumer & Retail practices focuses on assisting businesses answer the challenges posed by the evolving consumer demands with agility. This is achieved by providing complex management consulting services that includes supporting strategy, business transformation, segmentation, supply chain optimization and enabling operational excellence. Drawing from both international and local market insights, services can be tailored to unique requirements to unlock potential.

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