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Financial Instruments Accounting

Financial Instruments Accounting

KPMG in Greece supports financial institutions in the implementation of IAS 39 and in compliance with the requirements of IFRS 7

KPMG in Greece supports financial institutions in the implementation of IAS 39 and...

Financial Instruments Accounting can help develop approaches to financial accounting of derivatives (financial instruments) under the requirements of IAS 39 as well as to ensure compliance with IFRS 7.

Furthermore the development of hedge accounting approaches and models along with the integration into business oriented treasury strategies and operating models are core components of Financial Instruments Accounting services.

KPMG in Greece' Financial Risk Management practice can help its clients offering the services described below:

IAS 39 support
KPMG in Greece can assist its clients with the implementation of IAS 39 and support them in dealing with a series of challenges entailed, especially as far as particularly complex issues are concerned. Hedge accounting can be an area of a complex nature. Therefore, KPMG can offer a wide range of alternatives such as hedge effectiveness testing or accounting of the fair value hedge adjustment of the hedged item.

IFRS 7 support
Financial services companies are subject to IFRS 7 disclosure requirements, regarding qualitative and quantitative risk management information. KPMG in Greece can assist its clients in preparing IFRS disclosures, ensuring full compliance to the requirements outlined in the Standard. Additionally, we can perform quality reviews on the disclosures already prepared by our clients, providing expert opinion regarding both the completeness and the accuracy of those disclosures.

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