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Revenue – Are you prepared for IFRS 15?

Revenue – Are you prepared for IFRS 15?

Our detailed guidance, insight and analysis will help you transition successfully to the new standard.



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Implementing IFRS 15 may be lengthy and complex so now is the time to start transition to the new standard. 


“For many organisations, IFRS 15 will have a broad impact – not just changing the amounts and timing of revenue, but requiring an overhaul of the core systems used to produce the numbers.”

Prabhakar Kalavacherla,
KPMG’s global IFRS revenue recognition leader

Are you prepared for IFRS 15?

I need... KPMG's insight
An overview of IFRS 15 and its possible impacts for my business Start with our Accounting for revenue is changing for a brief overview and read First Impressions, which provides a digestible introduction to the new standard.
A detailed analysis of IFRS 15 with industry-specific examples and comparison with existing IFRS and US GAAP requirements Our Issues In-Depth publication provides detailed analysis of the new standard using illustrative examples. It also compares IFRS 15 with current IFRS and US GAAP.
To assess the best
transition option for my business – retrospective or cumulative
Our Revenue – Transition options identifies core issues that may arise on transition and some simple steps you can take now to inform your decision.
To understand the issues across different industries

Our IFRS 15 industry publications consider specific application issues for:

Our Issues In-Depth – Revenue for Telecoms provides a comprehensive and illustrated understanding of how to apply IFRS 15 to common transactions.

A set of illustrative disclosures that will be required under IFRS 15 Our illustrative
disclosures supplement

will help you to navigate the new requirements.
To find latest thinking and
commentary on emerging issues in IFRS 15 
Visit our IFRS – Revenue hot topics page.

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