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Roger Harrop

Author, business adviser and executive’s mentor

Roger Harrop

Roger Harrop has spent over 25 years leading international businesses. He has been enstablished in the market as «The CEO Expert" because of his multifaceted experience in management and business challenges matters.

Roger Harrop is an international growth speaker who focus on business development topics and who inspires and entertains audiences with his Staying in the Helicopter® programmes.

Over 20,000 CEOs, business leaders and other senior executives in over 45 countries have achieved to make important business changes in their careers through Roger Harrop’s programmes.

Roger Harrop is also an author, business advisor and executive’s mentor.

He has a rich leadership experience from small start-ups to multinationals, companies from different sectors and NGO’s.

Roger Harrop served for seven years as Group Chief Executive of a FTSE quoted, high-tech industrial group with 12 sites across 4 continents. The UK Government mentioned it in its ‘Competitiveness’ White Paper. The US Forbes magazine included the group among its list of the top 100 overseas companies. In addition two business schools have used it as a benchmark case study on culture change and business re-engineering.

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