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Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership

We bring fresh perspectives, insights and ideas on organisational strategy that challenge conventional wisdom.

Distinct perspectives to inspire fresh thinking

KPMG’s Strategy professionals are seasoned practitioners, many of whom bring decades of experience to the table. Which means that everything you read on these pages should be of practical value to your organisation.

 As you would expect, our insights demonstrate intellectual muscle. They also reflect our hands-on implementation capability, peppered with real-life examples of how we work with clients like you to deliver ‘innovation to results.’

Because the world moves quickly, so do we. You will see a regular stream of new articles on the most pressing issues facing leaders across a wide range of sectors, functions and markets.

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KPMG's new digital platform

KPMG International has created a state of the art digital platform that enhances your experience, optimized to discover new and related content.

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The future of commercial insurance

How can commercial insurance players turn disruption into competitive advantage?

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Creating growth platforms: working to deliver long-term, sustainable revenue growth

Growth platforms help you identify organic growth opportunities, and organize your business to take advantage of these prospects.

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Creating growth platforms

Growth platforms are a means to identify, prioritize and organize for organic growth.

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Customer metrics: sideshow or game changer?

How can organizations harness better insights from customer metrics to drive performance?

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Turning customer insight into action

In the age of the customer, the winners will believe in the power of segmentation.

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Unlocking the potential of pricing

This report looks at the critical factors that can drive better pricing.

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