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Allan Christian

Senior Manager, Consulting

KPMG in Gibraltar

Allan Christian joined KPMG Gibraltar in 2016, having worked independently within the UK Insurance industry for 5 years. Prior to that, he worked on the Isle of Man for a FTSE-listed insurance entity and a CSP vehicle. Allan has over a decade of experience delivering regulatory compliance, risk management and corporate governance advisory services to both EU-based and international-facing financial services clients, primarily in the insurance industry.

Professional and Industry Experience

Allan has predominantly worked with UK, Irish and Manx insurance industries, including mutuals, composites, closed book aggregators and pure unit-linked books, as well as working with the Bank of England as they transitioned into the new Solvency II regime, and so has a unique insight into proportional approaches to meeting EU and international legal and regulatory requirements.

Allan works with Jon in Gibraltar and Simon in the Isle of Man insurance practices with a focus on advisory engagements, focusing in particular on Solvency II compliance work in Gibraltar.

Representative Industry Experience

Allan’s experience includes all elements of Systems of Governance design, development and deployment in EU financial services entities, interpretation of the legislative and guideline developments in that space (e.g. GFSC consultation papers, Solvency II Directive and Delegated Acts, EIOPA Guidelines, and the reporting requirements following implementation (e.g. Own Risk and Solvency Assessments, internal policy documentation compliance and embedding, Solvency and Financial Condition Reporting, Quantitative Reporting Templates).

Allan has designed and led training and briefing materials for NEDS, executives and business-as-usual staff on impending regulatory changes, as well as having performed a number of review-related supervisory tasks on ORSA, Systems of Governance and Public Reporting for the Bank of England in advance of Solvency II. He also has extensive experience in the design and implementation of “three lines of defence” models aligned to developing global expectations in the field.

Prior to working as a Consultant, Allan designed and deployed an award-nominated Enterprise-wide Risk Management program for a FTSE-listed insurance entity, including building a bespoke management information system tailored to the stated risk tolerances of the directorate.

Allan has participated as a trainer, speaker or guest writer on risk advisory matters for a number of organisations, including the Institute of Risk Management, the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries and the Investment and Life Assurance Group, and ran an award nominated Blog during his time working independently.

Areas of expertise

Advisory Financial Risk Management Financial Services Infrastructure Insurance Internal Audit, Risk and Compliance Services Regulatory Compliance Risk Consulting

Allan Christian

Education and qualifications

  • BA (Hons) History and Archaeology, University of Leicester

  • MSc (Management), University of Leicester

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