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Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

KPMG SMEs: Staying true to your vision in a world of change

KPMG SMEs: Staying true to your vision in a world of change

KPMG’s SME professionals are able to support the growth needs throughout a company’s life cycle and help address opportunities for growth and marketplace challenges.

This group of experienced professionals provides quality audit, tax
and advisory services, focused on the organisation’s investors, management and other key stakeholders who require an accurate and independent view of the organisation’s financial health.

How KPMG SMEs can help your organisation?

KPMG SMEs: Staying true to your vision in a world of

change New compliance issues in an evolving regulatory environment increase operational costs. In addition, global competition can impact the growth strategy. Read more on how to stay true to your vision and the importance of working with audit, tax and advisory professionals possessing the right skill sets.

Family Business in Egypt

Our goal at KPMG is to understand family issues to enable us to better advise clients on business challenges.

KPMG Hazem Hassan has organised an event in the presence of a number of renowned family businesses in Egypt.

What is a ‘family business’ in Egypt?

From KPMG’s perspective a family business can be defined as a business in

The family has effective control over the strategic direction of the business
The business contributes significantly to the family’s wealth, income
or identity


A business can be classified as a ‘family business’ if the family
meets any of the following criteria:

  • Percentage of ownership/voting control 
  • Power over the strategic direction of business 
  • Involvement of multiple generations VS the first generation 
  • Active management by family members
  • Desire or intent to remain a family business 
  • Family business has specific needs and KPMG Global Centre of Excellence.

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