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Permissible Tax and Advisory Services

Permissible Tax and Advisory Services

We understand your industry, internal dynamics and the market.

We understand your industry, internal dynamics and the market.

We can leverage our existing knowledge of your company and seek to deploy it swiftly — resulting in value, additional insights and efficiency.

Here are examples of situations where KPMG can provide permissible tax and advisory services:

Addressing risk in today’s changing environment

Lack of risk management can be costly.
Therefore, many stakeholders nowadays take a closer look at their
organisation’s approach to risk management. KPMG can provide professionals with relevant experience to help you assess your risk and compliance efforts, to enable your management team to make critical decisions and focus on reducing the impact of these risks on your business.

Responding to a public policy or new regulations/standards

As regulatory authorities increase their use of oversight, leading organisations recalibrate their compliance and monitoring programs. KPMG’s professionals can help you better understand the impact of regulatory changes on your company and share insights into the leading practices noted within the industry sector, to enable your management team to achieve the highest levels of business integrity through sound corporate governance and internal

Improving operational and performance efficiencies

Organisations nowadays are expected to improve performance, enhance controls, grow and integrate their businesses, and reduce risks. KPMG can leverage its profound functional and industry knowledge to provide these organisations with valuable insights, enabling them to make the necessary decisions to improve the operational efficiency of a business unit, department or individual process.

Operating in multiple jurisdictions

KPMG is committed to helping organisations achieve tax efficiency in their international operations. Our understanding of cross-border business practices and extensive knowledge of tax law and general business conditions in jurisdictions around the world allow member firms to provide services to help clients.

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