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We offer expert translation of financial and business texts.

Professional financial and business translation.

Translation of annual reports and other financial texts

Translation of financial statements assumes excellent command of the language as well as knowledge of finance and relevant terminology. KPMG’s language professionals understand reporting and know the terminology of International Financial Reporting Standards, International Public Sector Accounting Standards and Estonian Accounting Standards Board Guidelines. Where necessary, they can tap the expertise of KPMG’s audit, tax and advisory professionals. 

  • KPMG has been delivering quality translations for over 20 years.
  • We offer translations from English into Estonian and from Estonian into English.
  • We translate annual reports, interim reports, stock exchange announcements, contracts, articles of association, economic reviews and other business and finance texts. 

Our clients include well-known listed companies and other public interest entities as well as small, medium-sized and large local and international companies, foundations and public sector entities.  According to clients, the key features of KPMG’s translations are quality and competence. Professional language advice and swift response provide added value. This helps us create long-lasting and strong client relationships.

If you need expert translation of your annual report, ask us for a quote.

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