Implement & Monitor

Implement & Monitor

Designing a strategy for a sustainable business model is one thing, making it happen is another

Designing a sustainable business model is one thing, making it happen is another

Focusing on the fundamentals

Designing a strategy for a sustainable business model is one thing, making it happen is another.

An organisation needs to have a number of fundamentals in place in order to implement the strategy effectively. These fundamentals include ensuring that the organisation has the capacity and capability to achieve its goal, the right technologies and processes are in place and that performance is measured effectively using the right data gathering processes and analysis tools.

We can help your organisation to:

  • Ensure compliance with mandatory regulations and voluntary frameworks such as sectorial codes of conduct and UN principles
  • Implement your human rights compliance
  • Look beyond human rights ‘sphere of influence’ and leverage – identify risks throughout the company and value chain
  • Identify training needs, and develop and deliver training programs for employees and suppliers
  • Develop and implement engagement processes to monitor the views of your most significant stakeholders
  • Evaluate risks in your supply chain and monitor the performance of suppliers against codes of conduct
  • Measure the return on investment of initiatives and conduct cost/benefit analyses

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Our business is truly cross-functional as we work on a Nordic approach which aims to fully meet the needs of your business.

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