Identify, Prioritise and Plan

Identify, Prioritise and Plan

Building long-term value begins with analysis of an organisation’s situation in relation to today’s environmental and social mega forces.

Building long-term value starts with analysis.

The question to ask yourself

The journey to building long-term value begins with analysis of an organisation’s situation in relation to today’s environmental and social
mega forces and by asking the question: “How does the business strategy need to change in order to build long-term value?”

The analysis phase provides essential information on how to define a strategy and action plan, a baseline from which to measure progress and a clear view of priorities.

We can help your organisation:

  • Pinpoint the environmental and social issues that are most important to your business, your value chain, and your stakeholders through a materiality assessment
  • Assess your compliance with human rights policies
  • Assess your exposure to environmental and social risks including quantifying risks and opportunities in financial terms
  • Identify actions that can create or protect value for your business and your stakeholders in the long term
  • Identify opportunities to cut costs
  • Develop your business strategy to address your key environmental and social risks, opportunities and material issues
  • Identify and develop new policies, such as supplier codes of conduct
  • Measure and quantify externalities and develop business cases to identify future investment opportunities

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