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SAP Technology enabled by KPMG

SAP Technology enabled by KPMG

KPMG delivers an implementation strategy for how you can transform your business by using SAP next-generation technology.

KPMG delivers an implementation strategy for how you can transform your business...

Many organisations are facing the next big step for the SAP technology. For some, it is still just buzz words: HANA, Cloud and Fiori. For others, it is time to develop a strategy for the next ten years until SAP ECC is no longer supported by SAP.

KPMG delivers an implementation strategy for how you can transform your business by using SAP next-generation technology. We will drive the transformation and help to ensure a successful end-to-end implementation. 

Before, it was “Run Better”, now the latest paradigm is “Run Simple”. We believe that to ensure simplicity you need to put people in focus. That is why we focus on a strong change management adoption, which helps to ensure that simplicity is fully incorporated into your organisation. 

Technology Enablement SAP is a dedicated team of SAP practitioners in Denmark, Europe and globally.

  • Business Transformation by SAP HANA
    We use our deep understanding of disruptive technologies such as SAP HANA and our broad experience in the realisation of innovative solutions to help your organisation get the most out of its investments.

  • Financial simplification
    S/4HANA Simple Finance roadmap and implementation. If you have issues with transparency, compliance, closing the books on time, etc., then it is time to think of S/4HANA. We can help with defining and executing the roadmap so you can be sure that you get the maximum business value out of the transformation.

  • Advanced Procurement
    Do you feel that your procurement processes need a check-up? We offer an extended service of assessments and advice based on a best-of-breed advanced analytics tool (KAAP). We also conduct workshops focused on process optimisation and performance management (measurements & KPIs). Furthermore, we offer SAP procurement roadmap and how best to embrace the latest technology like SAP HANA and ARIBA.

  • Application lifecycle management
    Are you using the full potential of Solution Manager? With SOLMAN, you can measure the real value of IT and help ensure that your business runs effectively and delivers measurable business benefits. It is not only a document repository. It can actually support your entire application lifecycle management and Run SAP Like a Factory.
  • Cloud-enabled business transformationDo you have a CLOUD strategy? It is no longer so much about whether you want to use cloud, but more about when and how you enable cloud. We are able to help you define when and if it would bring value to start migrating and utilising the vast possibilities that the cloud offers. Not only can we advise on the journey to the cloud, we are also able to facilitate end-to-end implementation or migration into the cloud. 

  • Service Integrator
    Are you in control of the change load? Are you ready to shift approach or technology to benefit the business? We offer highly skilled expertise as a Service Integrator with the ability to create business value.

  • Digitalisation(FIORI)
    At last, SAP can deliver a user interface that both looks nice and is able to simplify the use of SAP. At KPMG, we are able to create the roadmap and execute the implementation that will optimise the user experience, drive innovation and improve business value.  

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