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Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

KPMG provides Technology Enablement services for all categories of Dynamics CRM projects.

KPMG provides Technology Enablement services for all categories of Dynamics CRM projects.

We provide optimisation of existing platforms, re-implementation, upgrades and full design and implementations.

More than CRM

Successful CRM requires good software and CRM specialists. We have built our technological CRM expertise on Microsoft Dynamics CRM. We offer additional services to help organisations create or adjust a well-thought CRM strategy. We apply deep business and sector insight and anchor all spheres of influence to succeed.

KPMG's broad spectrum of competencies and specialists helps to ensure a holistic, but focused approach to Dynamics CRM projects.

CRM from a KPMG point of view
Customer orientation is one of the market drivers today. It will make successful companies stand out from the crowd. Being competitive and driving profitable growth is the name of the game. 

CRM unites today's megatrends. It helps to enable businesses to generate profitable growth and answer to the market demands of today. 

The most successful companies today are the companies with deep customer insight and the ones that deliver outstanding service.We must know our audience and customers, no matter where and how contact is made.

We must power and orchestrate our sales, service and market activities effectively. And we must do so, on all channels. 

A uniform and informed service, performed by employees that are enabled to make informed decisions, stand out from the crowd. 

Companies that carry out relevant marketing activities manage to grow faster than the market.

Today's customers do not want to be marketed at or sold to. They expect relevant engagement, no matter when or where they are. In order to do so, customer insight needs to be levered, for companies to execute and measure successful sales and marketing activities.

Making profitable growth is a complicated task. It requires good software that supports the business, gives deep customer insight and the ability to take action on insights. A well thought strategy applied to a CRM system that is also loved by the users and therefore has a high user adoption is the foundation for successful CRM.


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