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Microsoft Dynamics AX

Microsoft Dynamics AX

KPMG – Your Dynamics AX Business Transformation Partner.

KPMG – Your Dynamics AX Business Transformation Partner.

Microsoft Dynamics AX is an advanced, next-gen ERP system with a simple and intuitive user interface, a powerful agile platform and host of 3rd party industry specific add-ons.

KPMG now provides Technology Enablement services for all categories of Dynamics AX projects from optimisation of existing platforms, re-implementation upgrades and full end-to-end design and implementations. 

At KPMG, we understand the challenges our customers are facing in a highly competitive market. Considering an implementation of a new advanced ERP system like Microsoft Dynamics AX requires not only a solid strategy and a solid selection process, but also a fundamental understanding of how to execute a new implementation, an upgrade or an optimisation. 

To get the most out of your investment, KPMG helps you take a holistic, but focused approach to Dynamics AX implementations, making sure all three spheres of influence are covered to deliver a successful project: People, Processes and Technology.

  • People
    To truly transform your business, you need your organisation to take and feel ownership of the new tool and the adopted processes. Driving user adoption is key, and KPMG works to ensure this by using a combination of tailored behavioural change management, a pragmatic and agile project methodology based on Microsoft Sure Step and close intense dialogue with business process owners and end users from Define to Operate. We call this Open Loop Collaboration. 
  • Processes
    Our industry-leading Business Process Experts work hand-in-hand with our Functional AX consultants, bridging business, process and tool through hands-on workshops and preconfigured Dynamics AX environments using Microsoft Lifecycle Services. We challenge the norm when it makes business sense and give key stakeholders the ability to 'see-what-you-get' from start to finish. 
  • Technology
    KPMG has developed advanced AX system templates, which enable us to deploy new environments from Sandbox through Development to Test and Production within hours on Microsoft Azure Cloud or on premise. Built on Microsoft Best-Practice and KPMG hands-on operational expertise, we help you set up your Dynamics AX Development, Test and Production environments so they perform and operate in real life.

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