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KPMG – Your Business Intelligence, Analytics and Enterprise Performance...

Being an industry leader is increasingly dependent on leveraging technology as a core driver for business success, supporting business processes and turning data into knowledge and action. However, technology is only part of the equation. Truly understanding the business and the key processes that drive the company is equally important to driving the expected success.

At KPMG, we strive to enable our customers' journey towards being technologically visionary by combining efficient and standardised technology frameworks with domain knowledge from our industry and subject matter experts. 

We understand your business, from the office of finance to procurement, risk management and beyond, and we bring strong technical experience from working with the Microsoft Business Intelligence platform. 

What we provide is not just knowledge or technology - we provide a business transformation. 

We are a dedicated team of Business Intelligence & Enterprise Performance Management practitioners in Denmark, Europe and globally ready to support your business.


Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)
The intelligent finance organisation of the future, and indeed of today, must go beyond its business-as-usual financial reporting and control role to become a value-adding provider of intelligence that the board and business units can depend on to make strategic business decisions. 

The role of the CFO is increasingly based on efficient use of technology in order to stay ahead of the game and proactively respond to the needs of c-level management and key stakeholders in the business. 

Using technology to decrease process costs, provide strategic advice, effectively allocate scarce finance resources, provide insightful analysis, facilitate collaborative and integrated finance processes throughout the business can position the CFO as a value-adding partner for the business, being continuously attentive to business efficiency, cost effectiveness and risk mitigation. 

Based on the Tagetik EPM platform, KPMG delivers consulting services, industry best practice advice, EPM design, process implementation support and EPM solutions based on Tagetik's unified EPM platform enabling:

  • Integrated Financial Planning in a unified solution that aligns stakeholders
  • Collaborative budgeting, planning and forecasting that help secure transparency and agility
  • Cash flowplanning tailored for different industry needs and requirements
  • Financial Fast Close for statutory and management reporting purposes
  • Cost allocation and profitability analysis
  • Impact analysis of competing financial scenarios
  • Next-gen planning models like Beyond Budgeting or driver-based budgeting
  • Multi-entity, multi-currency consolidation of complex holding structures
  • Automated and collaborative Financial Disclosure management in an effectively managed process
  • Financial governance covering a host of regulatory compliance frameworks
  • Dashboarding and reporting, integrated either in the Tagetik Platform reporting engine or via one of the major business intelligence platforms.
KPMG offers highly skilled design and enablement of finance function excellence, leveraged by a technologically visionary EPM platform, the bottom line being wall-to-wall IT and process support for the efficient and effective modern finance function. 
Business Intelligence & Analytics
Business Intelligence (BI) has become an integral part of most companies today. However, many companies struggle as the applications of BI become more and more widespread and expectations of what BI can bring continuously increase, while at the same time the volume and complexity of data continuously increase. 
Leveraging BI in any company can potentially involve several interrelated areas:
  • Aligning the business needs
  • Securing strong governance across the organisation
  • Understanding key business processes and value drivers
  • Managing information to build standardised and flexible data models that support business requirements
  • Implementing a solid BI platform aligned with the current company infrastructure. 
The key is to focus on the important elements in order to transform the business, generate the expected value while keeping the approach as simple as possible.
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