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CIO Advisory

Our goal is to improve the strategic value of investments in technology by cutting through the complexity of today’s dynamic technology environment.

Our goal is to improve the strategic value of investments in technology...

We are part of more than 10,000 IT Advisory professionals across the globe providing assistance to our clients in order to:

  • Define strategic goals for IT to gain greater value from IT spend and improve performance
  • Align the IT organisation to be a strategic business partner
  • Rationalise complex application portfolios to align the IT services with the strategic direction
  • Manage risk and compliance through establishment of IT governance structures
  • Advance their IT maturity to provide efficient and effective IT service delivery
Our people are experienced in a combination of industry and IT management practice. We develop capability across the globe, constantly listening to our clients’ business challenges. This helps us to provide practical, actionable advice to our clients and to help them execute wherever they are.
Our strategic growth themes:
Most clients are threatened by the rapid evolution of disruptive technologies, changing customer preferences and shifting economics. They are looking to our professionals to help them understand the implications on their strategies and their use of technology.
We can help them navigate the journey towards becoming digital enterprises.
For many clients, spending on technology represents a major portion of their budget. They rightfully expect their IT organisations to appropriately manage that spend and to apply proper business disciplines. At the same time, many IT executives are so busy servicing the needs of the business that they neglect their own shop. 
We help clients build and refine processes and tools to holistically manage IT well.
The IT organisation is no longer the exclusive home for specialised technology skills and solutions. End-users are increasingly more tech savvy and have unprecedented access to technology solutions, yet IT organisations still have a critical role in guiding colleagues through the risks and complexities of implementing and operating technology sustainably. 
We can help transform how IT organisations deliver solutions and services to their business.

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